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Neto embodies the essence of Italian cuisine transporting it's flavors and essence to the vibrant city of São Paulo.

Our menu pays homage to the Italian culinary heritage, brought to Brazil through immigrants, while promoting a harmonizing fusion with Brazilian gastronomy. Hence the origin of the name Neto: a homage to the grandchildren (in Portuguese, "neto") of italian immigrants, who incorporated their classic techniques and flavors into the Brazilian ingredients and culture.
From delicious pork dishes to fresh, organic and locally sourced vegetables, each ingredient and composition represents the intersection of these two vibrant culinary cultures.
The kitchen artisans meticulously curate each meal, honoring the traditional culinary techniques and bringing to light the authentic flavors of an unpretentious, delicious, and tradition-infused cuisine.

Since 2022 we have been accomplishing our mission of enlighting the italian-brazilian gastronomy through original recipes.